La tarde del nueve is an afternoon magazine show hosted by Tomás Dente and Pía Slapka.

Every Saturday and Sunday viewers can enjoy a 4-hour show with visiting celebrities and other leading figures of our time.

Interviews, life stories, hot topics, musicals, entertainment, cooking, and much more.

The cooking section is hosted by Pastry Chef Dana Pérez, who will walk you through simple and delicious recipes to sweeten your tea time. 

Moving life stories, the most striking interviews and fun segments you’ll continue to talk about throughout the weekend.

Every Sunday families visit the studio to become contestants in the game “My second honey moon” where 3 generations play together to win a romantic trip for the elder members of the family, a trip like the one their grandparents made decades ago.

Saturdays and Sundays from 2 PM to 6 PM. A production of Mandarina Contenidos for El Nueve.

Mandarina Contenidos in NATPE 2021

Mandarina, with its content and formats generation services, will be attending at the virtual 2021 edition of the most important event for the content distribution for TV.

The event organized by the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), will feature five institutional pavilions representing Argentina, China, Colombia, France and Turkey.
NATPE Virtual Miami 2021 will take place from January 19th to 22nd.


The tv show program of the Elnueve evenings changed its team completely and began with the whole celebrity gossip, and an exclusive hand in hand interview with Jorge Lanata and the presence of Veronica Ojeda.

Elnueve changed its afternoons and relaunched the cycle, opening the fourth season. Marina Calabró is heading with a big professional team, each one providing the latest entertainment news.

Carlos Monti, Augusto Tartúfoli, Franco Torchia, Sebastian “Pampito” Perelló Aciar, Gustavo Mendez y Lizardo Ponce coming along with the tv host in this new cycle of Confrontados. Broadcasted from Monday to Friday 16.30 pm on Elnueve screen. It was the channel`s most seen program on its debut.


Mariana Fabbiani returns to eltrece screen with an entertainment program that can turn you into a millionaire winner.

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Mónica Gutiérrez to host new investigative show «CRÓNICAS DE LA TARDE» on eltrece

On Monday, January 6 at 2.30 pm, “Cronicas de la Tarde” will hit the small screen : a true-life crime show whose core topic will revolve around the most famous criminal cases of recent years as well as those so baffling and shocking that will go down in the annals of the criminal history of our country.

Mónica Gutiérrez will host the show, joined by a team of leading professionals, including Dr. Enrique De Rosa, prestigious forensic psychiatrist, Christian Poletti, criminal lawyer, Ricardo Canaletti, renowned investigative reporter, and Germán Monaco, Ignacio Juliano and Martín Candalaft, who are in charge of live broadcasts from the place where events unfold . In addition, some of the today’s most qualified doctors, lawyers, psychologists and criminalists will also be featured in the show.

Moreover, «Cronicas de la Tarde» will not only delve deeper into the investigation (through exclusive interviews, disclosure of files and records and revealing first-hand information) but it will also rely on the cutting-edge resources to explain each fact in detail. In violent deaths, autopsies can be recreated using digital mapping techniques by experts. Re-enactments and dramatizations will also be carried out in order to unravel the actions of the killer and the reaction of the victim at the time of the event.

«Cronicas de la Tarde» will seek to shed light on those questions that arise in the face of such violent episodes: «What happened?” / “How did they die? / “What was the motive of the crime?” / “Were there any witnesses? ”/ “Was justice done?”

Many are the questions. With the help of Mónica Gutiérrez and a team of professionals, we will strive to trace and examine every bit of evidence to try to find all the answers and get

ESPN Challenge, Road to League of Legends, sponsored by Gillette has come to an end with five champions and five professionals as a result.

Two Argentinians, two Chileans and one Mexican have won the reality show on ESPN, ESPN Play, and ESPN Fans on Twitch and YouTube. Five players fulfilled the dream of becoming professionals.

The ESPN E-Sports reality show has drawn to a close with a highly emotive final gala after 12 weeks of intense competition and learning. ESPN Challenge, Road to League of Legends, sponsored by Gillette, was a one-of-a-kind E-Sports competition on Latin American television and a transmedia reality show that discovered novice players with high potential and which will soon put new talent in the region’s most competitive leagues.

Juan Marconi and Tommy Pervan hosted this ESPN sports competition in which twenty amateur League of Legends players gave their all to fulfill their dream of becoming professionals. The winners of the ESPN Challenge were Argentina’s Alan Marticorena and Franco «Petro» Petrozzelli, Chile’s Manuel «Manolito» Marín and Mauricio «Meño» Farías, and Mexico’s Mauricio «Fer» Vargas, each winning the $10,000 prize. In addition, the jury decided that Manolito would be the MVP of the final ,sending the Trophy Cup home with him back to Chile.

Before the final games, which were won by the aforementioned team in two games, the finalists were selected in the ESPN Draft Challenge. The best professional teams evaluated their presentations and game before adding them to their teams as streamers or content creators. Isurus Gaming, All Knights, Pixel Esports, Furious Gaming, Gillette Infinity and 9Z ,all freshly arrived in the country, promptly selected the following players: César Valle (Mexico) -who will be content creator for Isurus, the current Latin American champion-, Belén «Pinku» Moine (Argentina) -who will play in 9Z-, Juan Camilo «Milo» Gutiérrez Labrada and Mauricio «Fer» Vargas (Colombia and Mexico) -who will be part of the Gillette Infinity squad in their quarry.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Alexander Llao Cheung (Panama), who had been eliminated before the Grand Final, was also part of the Draft and will join Furious as content creator , while Deyvis «Davis» Palomino (Peru) received the fantastic news that he will soon become a member of the LVP Peru as a Low Pressure player.

5 Argentine players, 3 Mexicans, 3 Chileans, 3 Colombians, 2 Peruvians, 2 Uruguayans, 1 Venezuelan and 1 Panamanian -of whom 6 were women and 14 men- were part of the original cast of the show when it first began.

For more than two months, the group experienced all sorts of emotions and relied heavily on the constant support of Fabricio Oberto (who announced his new LOL team called New Indians) in terms of team dynamics and sports behavior ,as well as on those of the jurors Francisco «Frankkaster» Postiglione (Argentine), Eduardo «Skin» Saldaña (Mexican) and Rodrigo «Onur» Dalmagro, the coaches Gerson «Dye» Castaño (Colombian) and Carlos «Akari» Calderón (Mexican) as much as on the support and encouragement of different sports psychologists and sports doctors. All games included stories and comments by Santiago «Zombyra» Apesteguy (Argentine) and Camila «Chunilda» Benavides (Chilean).

Netflix premiers today NO TIME FOR SHAME

No time for shame is a six-episode reality series that follows the life and work of Argentine couture fashion designer Santiago Artemis, featuring celebrities such as Xuxa, Ángela Torres, Pampita, Oriana Sabatini, Nicole Neumann and Pablo Lescano.

Worldwide known as designer, fashionista and influencer, Santiago will let us into his most human side throughout the series as well as his life journey from his childhood in Ushuaia to becoming the fashion dynamo he is today. It is an extraordinary success story of overcoming adversity through which he always stayed true to his style and to the person he has chosen to be.

Santiago Artemis, at only 27 years old, has already become one of the favorite designers of some of the biggest celebrities:Katy Perry, Britney Spears, the Olympic athlete Jenny Dahlgren and Lali Espósito are just a few of the many stars who have worn his outfits among many others.


No Time for Shame follows the day-to-day life of the couture fashion designer, Santiago Artemis, who faces a great challenge at only 27 : creating a new collection that turns heads, conveys enthusiasm and positions Artemis as «the voice of the millennial generation». Through a first person account of the life and work of the eccentric Argentine fashion expert, we will be able to have a glimpse at his long hectic days full of clothes- fitting sessions in his atelier design house as well as his many sketches, trips and meetings with celebrities such as Angela Torres, Pampita, Xuxa, Oriana Sabatini, Nicole Neumann and Pablo Lescano.This is Artemis’s world and no one can stop him.

PRODUCERS: Federico Wollkopf, Juan Pablo Pichetto

GENERAL DIRECTOR: Mariano Chihade, Maria Cella
DIRECTOR: Pablo Romeo
CAST: Santiago Artemis
GUEST STARS: Angela Torres, Pampita, Xuxa, Pablo Lescano, Oriana Sabatini, Nicole Neumann
FILMED IN: Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Rio de Janeiro

Available on Netflix since November 19.

About Netflix
Netflix is the leading subscription-based streaming service in the world. As of April 2019, Netflix had over 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide, and over 154 million subscriptions total in over 190 countries. Its subscribers enjoy TV series, documentaries and movies of a variety of genres and languages. Netflix members can watch whatever they want, whenever they want to, on almost any screen connected to the Internet, and they can also play, pause and watch content, completely ads -free.


Twenty amateur Latin American players from the League of Legends take part in this ambitious 12-week project, in which they face different challenges and only five will be the winners. The first elimination show will be broadcast on ESPN on Friday, September 27th at 11:30 p.m. ARG / CHI / URU 10:30 p.m. BOL / PAR / VEN 21:30 p.m. COL / ECU / MEX / PER. The staff will include a truly Latin American team made up of Argentinian Juan Marconi as host and Chilean Tommy Pervan as co-host, plus the special guest appearance by Fabricio Oberto.

ESPN plunges into the universe of eSports, the global trend of electronic sports, with the new ESPN CHALLENGE: Road to League of Legends, sponsored by Gillette, a cross-platform reality show for amateur players who dream of becoming professionals. The show is produced in Buenos Aires by Mandarina Televisión and it was first aired on Monday, September 23rd in streaming, while the television special show for the entire region will air on the evening of Friday 27th September. From Monday to Thursday, the daily activity and training of participants is broadcast live via streaming at 3:00 p.m. ARG / CHI / URU 2:00 p.m. BOL / PAR / VEN 1:00 p.m. COL / ECU / MEX / PER (approximately two hours a day) on Twitch channel of ESPN Fans and online by (


Twenty amateur players live together and are trained by coaches with the aim of improving their sports skills. The winners will receive an award that will bring them closer to the dream of becoming an eSports professional, as well as US$10,000 in prize money in addition to the possibility of being chosen by one of the great teams of Latin American eSports. Participants will receive the support of a physical trainer, a psychologist and a nutritionist as is the case with traditional sports.

Juan Marconi (former host of ESPN #Redes and former staff member of Pura Quimica) together with the renowned caster Tommy Pervan- from the eSports scene- will be hosting the show. There will also be special appearances by Argentinian sports star and former international basketball player and lover of eSports Fabricio Oberto.


The rest of the staff is composed of:

Coach 1: Gerson “Dye” Castaño (Colombian, Rainbow7 team)
Coach 2: Carlos “Akari” Calderón (Mexican, Infinity eSports team)
Commentator, play-by-play Caster: Santiago “Zombyra” Apesteguy (Argentine)
Commentator, Color Caster: Camila “Chunilda” Benavides (Chilean)
Jury 1: Francisco “Frankkaster” Postiglione (Argentino) CEO 9z
Jury 2: Eduardo “Skin” Saldaña (Mexican) Coach XTen
Jury 3: Rodrigo “Onur” Dalmagro (Argentine) Coach Furious Gaming

As for the 20 participants, there will be 5 Argentinians, 3 Mexicans, 3 Chileans, 3 Colombians, 2 Peruvians, 2 Uruguayans, 1 Venezuelan and 1 Panamanian. In total: 14 men and 6 women (2 Argentinian, 2 Uruguayan, 1 Chilean and 1 Colombian). See full listing below:

● Valentina Despaux “KKAFI” from Uruguay
● Natalia Robolledo “JUNGLERITA” from Uruguay
● Mauricio Vargas “FER” from Mexico
● Alexis Amaro Romero “LESHIN” from Mexico
● Cesar Valle “CESAR” from Mexico
● Luján Benítez “LU” from Argentina
● Belén Moine “PINKU” from Argentina
● Bartolomé Agustín Balaguer “TANGRAM” from Argentina
● Alan Marticorena “ALAN” from Argentina
● Franco Petrozzelli «PETRO» from Argentina
● Benjamin Alexander Llao Cheung «BENJA» from Panama
● Manuel Marín “MANOLITO” from Chile
● Daniela Arroyo Gatica “NANIE” from Chile
● Mauricio Farías “MEÑO” from Chile
● Winder Sousa “CANILLA” of Venezuela
Gabriel Jefferson Salazar Cáceres “JEEEF” from Peru
● Deyvis Palomino “DAVIS” from Peru
● Juan Camilo Gutiérrez Labrada “MILO” from Colombia
● Adriana Duarte “ROSE” from Colombia
● Marco Antonio Arias Echanove “TONI” from Colombia

League of Legends is the most popular PC game in the world, developed by Riot Games, in which two teams of five participants challenge one another to destroy the base of the rival team in order to win the game. Ninety -minute episodes will be broadcast as of Friday September 27th for twelve Fridays in a row. These episodes will contain the eliminations special shows in which the 10 players with the lowest performance of the week will take part. Two teams will face each other in a game and the winning team will continue in the competition while a participant of the losing team will be eliminated by decision of the three juries, with the help of the coaches, who will daily evaluate the participants` competitive progress and development. The reality show ESPN Challenge: Road to League of Legends, sponsored by Gillette will have a transmedia format, which will also provide content for different ESPN signals both on broadcast and digital television as well as on social networks.
Join the conversation: #LeagueofLegends will have a reality show in Latin America #CaminoLOL on ESPN

About ESPN Latin America

ESPN has been broadcasting sports-related programming in Latin America as well as the Caribbean for 30 years, reaching all of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries and territories with 4 television networks available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (ESPN, ESPN +, ESPN2 & ESPN3) and two occasional networks for events ESPN 4K and ESPN Extra events, all of which with their corresponding streaming service through ESPN Play.

The company generates local content for all its platforms, including digital (ESPN Play, and mobile (ESPN App). SportsCenter is the flagship newscast, which has broadcast more than 30 weekly live editions for almost 20 years. ESPN, through its main platforms and locally produced programs, provides the sports fan in the region with a wide range of information and relevant entertainment.

About Mandarina Televisión

Mandarina Television is a 100% independent television production company. It was founded in 2005 with the purpose of developing, producing and distributing audiovisual formats for both local as well as for international television networks
Relying on great expertise in television, it also provides audiovisual and digital production services to companies and advertising agencies. Some of the most accomplished and well -known TV hosts, performers and journalists are part of Mandarina, and It is also constantly searching for the best «influencers». Mandarina’s commitment to new projects is clearly shown in every step of its creative expansion and development , becoming fully involved in the world of gamers and the eSports trend shaping the future of media

About Riot Games
Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill launched Riot Games in 2006 with the purpose of changing the way video games were created and of developing support games for players. In 2009, Riot released their first game, the worldwide acclaimed League of Legends. Since then, the popularity of the game has constantly grown becoming the most popular PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of the eSports industry. Players are the foundation of their community, and it’s for them that they continue to evolve the League of Legends experience. The Riot Games headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, and has 23 offices worldwide.


The educational, scientific and cultural magazine program was recognized as “Best educational TV show” in the 25th FUND TV awards.
The ceremony was held last July 1 for the annual awards that acknowledge the cultural contribution to and social compromise with the Argentinean society all over the country, and whose goal is to raise awareness on the influence of TV and its educational impact.
On its third season on air in the Argentine Public Television, “Todo tiene un porqué” was the winner of the “Best educational TV show” category for its second season, led by Germán Paoloski.
This award comes after the TATO Awards for Best Cultural TV Show in 2017 and the nomination to the Martín Fierro Awards for Best Cultural / Educational TV Show in 2018.
This show is broadcasted through the Argentine Public Television channel from Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. The show is hosted by Juan Di Natale and he is accompanied by three specialized journalists: Maximiliano Tomas, Florencia Ballarino and Paloma Bokser.


Mandarina continues adding goals and bets on a strong 2019 regarding international digital production.

The landing and development of important projects created throughout 2018 has taken place so far this year, thus sealing alliances with signals such as Netflix, Fox, Discovery. There has also been a steep increase in digital content, added to the programming consultancy services to Channel 4 from Uruguay and the continuity of its four national cycles (El Diario de Mariana, Los ángeles de la mañana, Confrontados and Todo tiene un porqué).

In order to take this big step forward, Mariano Chihade (CEO), at this stage of the ideas and content production company, placed the bets on the relaunch of the International Department, under Juan Pablo Pichetto –International Content & Production VP- who will be working with Gisela Salinas -International Production Manager-.

Within its project portfolio, one of its coming releases is NO HAY TIEMPO PARA LA VERGÜENZA, a Netflix original docuseries produced by Mandarina.