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Spanish Rolling Stone Awards In Spanish.

El Amor Después del Amor continues obtaining recognitions and now it has won the award for “Best Series of the Year.” The series produced by Mandarina Contenidos for Netflix, was awarded and Juan Pablo Kolodziej, Showrunner and Executive Producer, took the stage to receive the award and to thank the Directors; Gonzalo Tobal and Felipe Gómez Aparicio; Mariano Chihade, CEO of Mandarina Contenidos and Executive Producer of the series; the entire talent and production team; Fito Páez for allowing his story to be told and Netflix for trusting and betting on “El Amor Después del Amor.”

The first edition of the Rolling Stone Awards in Spanish took place on Thursday, October 26 in Miami, with great TNT and HBO Max coverage, honoring and giving visibility to the most outstanding cultural contributions of Spanish-speaking artists in music, cinema and entertainment.

The gala featured a series of select experiences, live performances and special hosts, all intended to highlight the most remarkable creations of the year.

One of the main categories at the Rolling Stone Awards in Spanish was Series of the Year, which rewards collaboration and excellence in television and streaming series.

This category evaluates formal, emotional, conceptual and intellectual aspects in the creation of powerful stories, as well as the ability to maintain the audience’s interest throughout the episodes.

The Argentine musical biographical series, produced by Mandarina Contenidos and broadcasted on Netflix, tells the life of the iconic Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Páez.

The plot is about his beginnings, his career, the challenges he faced and his path to becoming a rock star.

The talented cast includes Iván Hochman, Micaela Riera, Gaspar Offenhenden, Martín Campilongo, Andy Chango, Mirella Pascual and Mónica Raiola. According to Rolling Stone in Spanish, “El Amor Después del Amor highlights his significant contribution to the television and streaming world, and recognizes his cultural impact and creativity in telling powerful stories within the Spanish-speaking community.”

The award was received by Juan Pablo Kolodziej, Showrunner, who quoted : “It is a very important award, especially because of how we committed to telling this story, knowing that it is part of a very important moment for the culture and society of all Latin America. ”