ESPN Challenge, Road to League of Legends, sponsored by Gillette has come to an end with five champions and five professionals as a result.

Two Argentinians, two Chileans and one Mexican have won the reality show on ESPN, ESPN Play, and ESPN Fans on Twitch and YouTube. Five players fulfilled the dream of becoming professionals.

The ESPN E-Sports reality show has drawn to a close with a highly emotive final gala after 12 weeks of intense competition and learning. ESPN Challenge, Road to League of Legends, sponsored by Gillette, was a one-of-a-kind E-Sports competition on Latin American television and a transmedia reality show that discovered novice players with high potential and which will soon put new talent in the region’s most competitive leagues.

Juan Marconi and Tommy Pervan hosted this ESPN sports competition in which twenty amateur League of Legends players gave their all to fulfill their dream of becoming professionals. The winners of the ESPN Challenge were Argentina’s Alan Marticorena and Franco «Petro» Petrozzelli, Chile’s Manuel «Manolito» Marín and Mauricio «Meño» Farías, and Mexico’s Mauricio «Fer» Vargas, each winning the $10,000 prize. In addition, the jury decided that Manolito would be the MVP of the final ,sending the Trophy Cup home with him back to Chile.

Before the final games, which were won by the aforementioned team in two games, the finalists were selected in the ESPN Draft Challenge. The best professional teams evaluated their presentations and game before adding them to their teams as streamers or content creators. Isurus Gaming, All Knights, Pixel Esports, Furious Gaming, Gillette Infinity and 9Z ,all freshly arrived in the country, promptly selected the following players: César Valle (Mexico) -who will be content creator for Isurus, the current Latin American champion-, Belén «Pinku» Moine (Argentina) -who will play in 9Z-, Juan Camilo «Milo» Gutiérrez Labrada and Mauricio «Fer» Vargas (Colombia and Mexico) -who will be part of the Gillette Infinity squad in their quarry.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Alexander Llao Cheung (Panama), who had been eliminated before the Grand Final, was also part of the Draft and will join Furious as content creator , while Deyvis «Davis» Palomino (Peru) received the fantastic news that he will soon become a member of the LVP Peru as a Low Pressure player.

5 Argentine players, 3 Mexicans, 3 Chileans, 3 Colombians, 2 Peruvians, 2 Uruguayans, 1 Venezuelan and 1 Panamanian -of whom 6 were women and 14 men- were part of the original cast of the show when it first began.

For more than two months, the group experienced all sorts of emotions and relied heavily on the constant support of Fabricio Oberto (who announced his new LOL team called New Indians) in terms of team dynamics and sports behavior ,as well as on those of the jurors Francisco «Frankkaster» Postiglione (Argentine), Eduardo «Skin» Saldaña (Mexican) and Rodrigo «Onur» Dalmagro, the coaches Gerson «Dye» Castaño (Colombian) and Carlos «Akari» Calderón (Mexican) as much as on the support and encouragement of different sports psychologists and sports doctors. All games included stories and comments by Santiago «Zombyra» Apesteguy (Argentine) and Camila «Chunilda» Benavides (Chilean).