La tarde del nueve is an afternoon magazine show hosted by Tomás Dente and Pía Slapka.

Every Saturday and Sunday viewers can enjoy a 4-hour show with visiting celebrities and other leading figures of our time.

Interviews, life stories, hot topics, musicals, entertainment, cooking, and much more.

The cooking section is hosted by Pastry Chef Dana Pérez, who will walk you through simple and delicious recipes to sweeten your tea time. 

Moving life stories, the most striking interviews and fun segments you’ll continue to talk about throughout the weekend.

Every Sunday families visit the studio to become contestants in the game “My second honey moon” where 3 generations play together to win a romantic trip for the elder members of the family, a trip like the one their grandparents made decades ago.

Saturdays and Sundays from 2 PM to 6 PM. A production of Mandarina Contenidos for El Nueve.