Mónica Gutiérrez to host new investigative show «CRÓNICAS DE LA TARDE» on eltrece

On Monday, January 6 at 2.30 pm, “Cronicas de la Tarde” will hit the small screen : a true-life crime show whose core topic will revolve around the most famous criminal cases of recent years as well as those so baffling and shocking that will go down in the annals of the criminal history of our country.

Mónica Gutiérrez will host the show, joined by a team of leading professionals, including Dr. Enrique De Rosa, prestigious forensic psychiatrist, Christian Poletti, criminal lawyer, Ricardo Canaletti, renowned investigative reporter, and Germán Monaco, Ignacio Juliano and Martín Candalaft, who are in charge of live broadcasts from the place where events unfold . In addition, some of the today’s most qualified doctors, lawyers, psychologists and criminalists will also be featured in the show.

Moreover, «Cronicas de la Tarde» will not only delve deeper into the investigation (through exclusive interviews, disclosure of files and records and revealing first-hand information) but it will also rely on the cutting-edge resources to explain each fact in detail. In violent deaths, autopsies can be recreated using digital mapping techniques by experts. Re-enactments and dramatizations will also be carried out in order to unravel the actions of the killer and the reaction of the victim at the time of the event.

«Cronicas de la Tarde» will seek to shed light on those questions that arise in the face of such violent episodes: «What happened?” / “How did they die? / “What was the motive of the crime?” / “Were there any witnesses? ”/ “Was justice done?”

Many are the questions. With the help of Mónica Gutiérrez and a team of professionals, we will strive to trace and examine every bit of evidence to try to find all the answers and get