Uruguayan channel Monte Carlo TV presented a renewed image which included a new logo and identity, more live programming and the goal of achieving closer proximity to viewership.
After three days of an “incognito launch”, where the new logo appeared on screen finally re-launched as Canal 4, the name it used to have 18 years ago.
Nowadays, Canal 4 adds to and joins the slogan Vivo para Vos (I Live for You). With this change of name, Canal 4 tries to be closer to its viewership, becoming the Uruguayan channel offering more hours of live broadcasting and a greater focus on national production.
The big launch, which could be viewed on screen and in social media, featured the stories of each of the channel’s presenters, and the performance of the main jingle by Braulio Assanelli, the winner of The Voice.
This path was the result of joint efforts made by Matías Allen, Canal 4 CEO, the Programming Managing Department, headed by Ignacio Mazza, the Marketing Managing Department, headed by Mariano Mosca, and the agency entrusted with this institutional relaunch.
In May 2018, Argentine producer Mandarina took the lead of the Programming Managing Department and, since then, has pursued this goal –among many others– of renewing the channel’s corporate image.

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