The educational, scientific and cultural magazine program was recognized as “Best educational TV show” in the 25th FUND TV awards.
The ceremony was held last July 1 for the annual awards that acknowledge the cultural contribution to and social compromise with the Argentinean society all over the country, and whose goal is to raise awareness on the influence of TV and its educational impact.
On its third season on air in the Argentine Public Television, “Todo tiene un porqué” was the winner of the “Best educational TV show” category for its second season, led by Germán Paoloski.
This award comes after the TATO Awards for Best Cultural TV Show in 2017 and the nomination to the Martín Fierro Awards for Best Cultural / Educational TV Show in 2018.
This show is broadcasted through the Argentine Public Television channel from Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. The show is hosted by Juan Di Natale and he is accompanied by three specialized journalists: Maximiliano Tomas, Florencia Ballarino and Paloma Bokser.

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