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“Hache. Lo que no se nombra” will show in exclusive on Star+ in all Latin America on October 19th, 2022.

In each episode of “Hache. Lo que no se nombra”, Lanata poses a letter “H” – that which is not spoken – a starting point for an investigation where the renowned journalist discovers, while traveling through several countries of the region and some cities of the United States, the stories of those who face the new challenges of this century, crossed by cultural mandates and secret thoughts.

This documentary series takes the audience on a tour through the entire continent, presenting interviews in major cities such as Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Washington, Miami, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, among others.

“Hache. Lo que no se nombra” is hosted by Jorge Lanata, produced by Mandarina Contents.


Throughout the documentary series, the prestigious journalist investigates topics that interests him and conducts the investigations presented in the different episodes.

Throughout seven episodes, of 40 minutes each one, the documentary series raises issues related to problems such as euthanasia, acts of justice into one’s own hands, the ¨ likes ¨ obsession on social networks, mental health, among other topics, that invites us to reflect about the future and how to continue building it.

In each episode, Lanata travels to different places of the American continent —from Salta, Argentina to Cuernavaca, Mexico— to talk with local people, outstanding specialists and recognized figures such as the influencer Sebastián Villalobos, the argentine neuroscience specialist Estanislao Bachrach and the mexican cybersecurity and big data specialist Israel Reyes, who are linked in different ways with the topics covered.

“Hache. Lo que no se nombra” will show exclusively on Star+ with all the 7 episodes available since its release.